We get asked this often:  "Why the focus on single moms?"  It's a valid question, and the answer lies very dear to our heart.

Nashville Giving Tree was founded in 2011 by a guy named Sean Brown for a very specific reason: to help struggling single moms create Christmas magic for their kids.

Sean grew up in a single-parent household and his mom struggled financially. She worked hard for her family, but making ends meet was a near-constant battle. One year, she had to tell her kids that there would be no Christmas presents that year. Sean was only seven at the time, but he still recalls the tears he saw brimming in his mother’s eyes as she told him.

Unfortunately, Sean’s story isn’t unique. Families headed by single mothers are among the poorest households in the country. In fact, two thirds of the homeless families in the U.S. are single moms and their kids. Single moms can struggle with gaining access to healthcare, access to education for their children, and even access to food. For these moms, Christmas can feel completely impossible.

But sometimes, there’s a little Christmas magic to be found in even the most dire of circumstances.

On the Christmas Eve that Sean was seven, a total stranger gifted Sean’s mom with some money and told her use it for a Christmas dinner and presents for the kids.

“On Christmas morning,” Sean remembers, “I woke up to presents under the tree and the smell of sausage balls cooking in the oven! It is still the single greatest memory of God loving me in a very tangible way.”

That’s why Nashville Giving Tree exists. When you buy a tree or wreath from us, the money goes directly to help single moms who need some Christmas joy. We work with local organizations like YoungLives, Cottage Cove, and The Nashville Rescue Mission, as well as individuals in our personal networks, to financially bless struggling single moms and their kids. Sometimes this means providing money for them to celebrate Christmas, sometimes it means paying rent or a bill or helping the family find a home.

But more than just providing presents and food and money, our hope is that the love of God is felt in a tangible way for these moms and their kids. We pray that each tree we sell will have an eternal impact on our little corner of Nashville, and that Jesus will be glorified.

(all stats are from https://singlemotherguide.com/single-mother-statistics/)